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What We Do

The State of Montana allows for the sale of consumer fireworks from June 24th -July 5th and also from December 29th -31st.  
We operate our fireworks stand during this time frame.  We DO NOT ship.

We may only be able to sell during the above times but during the year we:

  • consult with our customers and provide information on how they can
    shoot a professional show using the products that we have.
  • build multi shot artillery racks
  • shoot private shows(1.4G)
  • customized per-orders
Welcome  to Perrella's Pyrotechnics &
Fireworks  Offering a large selection of fireworks including
muliti-shot aerials, artillery shells, firecrackers, fountains, ground
spinners,helicopters, novelties,  and other pyrotechnics
. We are
located in Roundup, Montana and have been in the business of retail
fireworks for over 23 years.  Our goal is to carry the highest quality
of 1.4G consumer fireworks in the area. To do this, we attend many
product demos, buy from throughout the US and shoot all the
product that we carry.
We only sell the products that we have  
personally tested and have been impressed with.

Knowing the quality and the performance of the products we carry is
our highest priority. With over 335 items, including 65 different 500
Gram cakes and 9 different NOABs, ( three inch - nine shot cakes) we
strive to satisfy our customers.   

Our product lines include: Brothers, Shogun, Cannon, Black Cat,
Winda along with our newest products from
World Class  and

Our specialty is the 500 Gram Cakes and helping our customers put
together personalized displays that they can take home and light the

We are proud to be a member of the PGI, NFA and BSPA
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Roundup, MT
Perrella's Pyrotechnics & Fireworks
902 2nd Street West (office)
Roundup, MT  59072

Stand Location:
225 First Street East

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Demo Night
We will be holding a Spring Shoot in June.  
Contact us for details.
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Demo will be in Roundup
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