Our History
"Your Hidden Treasure of Fireworks Stands"
Roundup, MT
Perrella's Pyrotechnics & Fireworks goal is to provide top name brand, premium fireworks for the fireworks
enthusiasts. We strive to have the highest quality and selection of products in the area and to keep you
our customers satisfied.

To do this, we must attend many product demos, test product our selves and have an excellent
relationship with our suppliers

We are a Montana based FAMILY sole proprietorship and have been in the business for over 21 years.  
DO NOT ship out of state.

The 4th of July is a very special occasion for our nation and we strive to keep it special to our customers.

If you have a fireworks question, even if you are not from our area, please
CONTACT US, and we will try to
help you.
Johnny Pyro
About Perrella's Pyrotechnics
Our Company
Perrella's Fireworks started from the love my parents had for fireworks. The beginning started, like
everybody else, when we were  little kids and went to the fireworks stand spending every last penny we
had.  For the big shows, we would go to the state fair and watch the fireworks show. After the show it was
time to go home.  

July 4th, 1987, was the turning point in my life in the area of fireworks. My brother, who was involved with
display shells, myself and my oldest brother put on the final show for a beautiful lady who put the "PYRO
BUG" into her children's head. It was a private show at the "homestead" for us to open up the heavens
for Mom to go home. (an annual donation is made to the American Cancer Society in her memory)

Our stand is in Roundup, MT.  It is operated by myself and family. It started in a small trailer, then two
10x22 trailers, with one trailer being completely 500 gram cakes. (The MAN cave) as my wife says. Now it
is a 12X56  pesonally build stand. We sell only consumer fireworks.

Our stand is located at 2
25 First Street East, one block off main street.
Open June 24 - July 5
    Dec 29 - 31
This Company is dedicated to:
Catherine Perrella
April 5,1918 - July 22, 1987
Our People
John Perrella - Owner- Member of the Pyrotechnic Guild International, National Fireworks Association,
Big Sky Pyrotechnics Association.  
  Assists in shooting 1.3G shows.   Primary profession is automotive
technician.  Montana basketball official. Over 21 years experience in the fireworks industry.

Joani Perrella - Owner - Member Pyrotechnics Guild International - 13  years in the fireworks industry
and being John's wife and care taker during the season.
About Us